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Savings Account Rates at Chessie Federal Credit Union

Savings Account Rates at Chessie Federal Credit Union

Savings account rates at Chessie Federal Credit Union (CFCU) which is based in Cumberland, Maryland, are very competitive right now. Although most of CFCU's savings rates are not the highest savings account rates available they are better than the national average savings rates.

Right now the best savings account rates offered by CFCU is actually also one of the best savings rates available anywhere. CFCU's current Individual Retirement Account (IRA) rates (both Roth and Traditional) and Educational Account rates are at 2.00% with an APY of 2.02%.

Chessie Federal Credit Union Savings Account Rates

CFCU's other savings account rates are not as high as those rates but still competitive. Share savings accounts rates, Moola-Moola Savings (children’s) account rates, Christmas and Vacation Club savings rates are all at 0.75% with an APY of 0.75%

CFCU is also advertising other account rates like their Money Market Share Draft Checking Account. Here are the following MMSDCA rates.

$2,500-$9,999 MMA Rates 0.40% MMA APY 0.40%
$10,000-$39,999 MMA Rates 0.60% MMA APY 0.60%
$40,000-$99,999 MMA Rates 0.90% MMA APY 0.90%
Over $100,000 MMA Rates 1.10% MMA APY 1.11%

To open a savings account with CFCU you’ll have to join. Information on joining and a list of current interest rates can be found here: CFCU Rates.

Author: James Martin
October 28th, 2011