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Highest Savings Rates 8-30-11

Highest Savings Rates 8-30-11

There hasn't been any big move in savings account rates from banks and credit unions which isn't unexpected. The FDIC's National Average Savings Rate is still at 0.14%, rather pathetic. You can find savings rates higher than the average rate.

8-30-11 Highest Savings Rates

Right now on our highest savings rates list American Express Bank has the highestrate. American Express Bank's current savings rate is 1.00% with a savings yield of 1.00%. Amex's rate has been lowered over the past several months which isnt' out of the ordinary. Back in May Amex had a savings rate of 1.14% with a yield of 1.15%. You can read more about it here: American Express Savings Account Review.

Ally Bank savings rate is next on our list of the best savings rates. Ally Bank's savings rate is at 0.99% with a savings yield of 0.99%. Both American Express Bank's savings rate and Ally Bank's savings rates is more than 7x the FDIC national average.

You can find the best savings account rates from banks and credit unions by searching our rate list and reading our reviews.

Author: Stacy Everest
August 30th, 2011