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Getting the Highest Savings Rates by Comparing Rates

Getting the Highest Savings Rates by Comparing Rates

Savings Rates: Can't sleep at night because the stock markets are fluctuation wildly right now? Low savings rates which don't appear to be going higher anytime got you down? What should you do with cash you are holding and waiting to put back to work in stocks?

You can just your funds in your brokerage account earning pathetic money market account rates or you earn stash your cash in a savings account earning slight higher savings account rates. Today's CD rates are also higher than most brokerage MMA rates.

Don't just settle for the lowest rates on your deposit accounts. You'll find bigger banks offer the lowest savings account rates. The best thing to do is to shop around for the best rates by comparing savings rates. A good place to start is checking rates at smaller banks and credit unions. You can find many websites including RatesORama.com mentioning the highest rates.

In addition to offering a list of the best savings account rates we also offer a list of current mortgage rates from many different direct lenders so you don't have to pay any mortgage broker fees which can reach into the thousands.

Author: Stacy Everest
September 7th, 2011