Citizens Union Savings Bank Savings Accounts and Money Market Accounts

Citizens-Union Savings Bank, headquartered in Fall River, Massachusetts, is offering a statement savings account, a passbook savings account and a holiday club savings account. Citizens Union Savings Bank is also offering money market accounts including a Super Consumer money market account, a High Yield Access money market account, a Money Market Access money market account, a Super Business money market account and a Business Access money market account.

Citizens Union Savings Bank’s savings account rates are 0.30 percent with a savings account yield of 0.30 percent for all three of their savings accounts. You can find interest rates higher in Fall River and in other cities in MA so be sure to shop around.

Here is a list of Citizens Union Savings Bank’s money market account rates.

Citizens Union Savings Bank’s Money Market Account Rates 

Super Consumer

  • Min Balance $10.00 MMA 0.35% Yield 0.35%

  • Min Balance $50,000 0.40% Yield 0.40%

  • Min Balance $100,000.00 0.45% Yield 0.45%

High Yield Access 

  • Min Balance $10.00 0.30% Yield 0.30%

  • Min Balance $10,000.00 0.35% Yield 0.35%

  • Min Balance $25,000.00 0.40% Yield 0.40%

  • Min Balance $50,000.00 0.45% Yield 0.45%

Money Market Access 

  • Min Balance $10.00 0.10% Yield 0.10%

  • Min Balance $1,000.00 0.20% Yield 0.20%

Citizens Union Savings Bank is also offering CD rates and checking account rates are are competitive. For a current list of interest rates go to
Author: Stacy Everest
March 5th, 2011