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AFLAC Federal Credit Union Dividend Savings Account Rates - CD Rates - Search for CD Rates Today

AFLAC Federal Credit Union Dividend Savings Account Rates

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AFLAC Federal Credit Union is offering dividend savings rates that are higher than most dividend rates available right now. AFLAC Federal Credit Union's dividend rates have two tiers.

Account balances of less than $100,000 earn a dividend savings rate of 2.38% with a dividend savings yield of 2.41%. Account balances of $100,00o or more (jumbo savings account) earn a jumbo dividend savings rate of 1.09% with a jumbo savings yield of 1.10%.

Both rates are higher than most savings account rates available right now. For information about joining AFLAC Federal Credit Union go to: aflacfcu.net.

The AFLAC dancing duck commerical is very funny, view the video here: AFLAC dancing duck.

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Author: Stacy Everest
July 27th, 2011