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1.00% Savings Account Rate at Barclays Bank - CD Rates - Search for CD Rates Today

1.00% Savings Account Rate at Barclays Bank

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Right now Barclays Bank is offering one of the best savings account rates in the U.S.. Barclays which is big the British multinational bank is offering their current online savings account rate at 1.00%.

Barclay's rate is more than 10x the current national average savings rate of 1.00% accordingto the FDIC. The rate is also 6x Bankrate's current national average rate.

If you're not in finance you might not be familiarwith Barclays in the U.S.. Barclays is the bank that took over some Lehman Brothers operations when the brokerage house failed during the financial crisis.

In addition to offering a great savings interest rate Barclays is also offering some of the best CD rates as well. The bank's current 1 year CD rate is just below the savings rate at 0.90%, which is one of the highest rates around for a 1 year CD.

Barclays Savings Account Rate at 1.00%

You can open an online savings account online. The bank's offers a video tutorial on how to do so which makes the process very simple. The OSA has no minimum balances or fees. You can also setup account linking to any other bank account you have which makes transfering money easy.

Author: Stacy Everest
May 7th, 2012