Triumph Bank Home Loan Rates

Triumph Bank Home Loan rates are very competitive right now, and more importantly, the bank doesn't charge any lender fees on mortgage loans.  Some lenders will charge hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars in lender fees which drives up the overall annual percentage rate on a mortgage.

Tip: Searching for the lowest mortgage rates today plus finding lenders with low or no fees can save you tens of thousands of dollars over the life of a mortgage.

Triumph Bank Home LoansTriumph Bank Home Loan Rates is part of Triumph Bank, which is based in Collierville, Tennessee. The bank makes loans in all States except NY, CA, AZ, NM, NV, MT, ID, WA, OR, AK and HI. 

Current Triumph Bank Home Loan Rates

Listed below are a sample of today's mortgage rates at Triumph Bank Home Loans. You can see how these rates compare with the current average mortgage rates listed on the right. Current Average Mortgage Rates Feb 26 - 2018

  • 30 Year Fixed - 4.125% with 0.375 points
  • 30 Year Fixed - 4.25% with zero points
  • 15 Year Fixed - 3.50% with 1 mortgage point
  • 15 Year Fixed - 3.75% with zero points

There are many different factors lenders use to determine what mortgage rates to offer borrowers. The Triumph Bank Home Loan mortgage rates that were quoted are rates based on the following criteria:

  • Home Purchase Loan - A loan to buy a home instead of a refinance loan which is to refinance a current loan
  • Conforming Loan - A loan that conforms to GSE (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) guidelines
  • 20 percent down payment 
  • Credit score of 740 and above

You can see this lender's current rates by going to their website and clicking on "Check Rates." Another option would be to compare this lender's rates with other lender's rates by searching our mortgage rate list for your state. You will see dozens of mortgage lenders listed all with different mortgage rates, points and fees. Therefore, you will likely get a better rate.

Mortgage rates and refinance rates are moving higher. Now is a good time to lock in a rate because a higher mortgage rate means higher monthly payments. In addition, you will pay more of your monthly mortgage payments towards interest instead of towards principal. 

Loan Type
Purchase    Refinance
State/City    Zip Code
Loan Amt Points FICO % Down
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Author: Brian McKay
February 26th, 2018