Sebonic Financial Quoting 30 Year Conforming Mortgage Rates at 3.375%

Sebonic Financial is quoting competitive 30 year mortgage rates that are 20 basis points below the current average 30 year rate. Sebonic Financial is currently offering 30 year conforming mortgage rates at 3.375 percent with 2 mortgage points. Average 30 year mortgage rates today are at 3.68 percent. Sebonic is also quoting 30 year rates at 3.50 percent with 1 mortgage point.

Mortgage points allow the borrower to buy down the mortgage rate by paying money upfront. 1 mortgage point is equal to 1 percent of the loan amount. The more points you're willing to pay upfront, the lower the mortgage rate you will receive.

Sebonic is also quoting conforming 15 year rates below the average 15 year rate. Today's 15 year mortgage rates are averaging 2.79 percent. Sebonic is quoting 15 year rates at 2.625 percent with 2 points and at 2.75 percent with 1 mortgage point.

Cardinal Financial Company is doing business as Sebonic Financial. The company was formed in Pennsylvania in 1987 and is currently based in Charlotte, North Carolina. You can view more information about the company in the NMLS Consumer Access database. The company's NMLS ID is 66247.

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Author: Brian McKay
April 29th, 2016