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Mortgage Rates Mostly Unchanged Today: Current Mortgage Rates on 30 Year Home Loans at 4.34%

Mortgage Rates Mostly Unchanged Today: Current Mortgage Rates on 30 Year Home Loans at 4.34%

Today's mortgage rates are barely unchanged as equity futures plummet on the S&P downgrade. Current 30 year mortgage rates are averaging 4.33%, unchanged from yesterday's average 30 year mortgage rate. We can expect 30 year mortgage rates to go below 4.25% this week as investors will flock to the safety of U.S. Treasuries forcing bond yields lower.

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Mortgage rates current on 15 year home mortgage loans are averaging 3.49%, down slightly from an average 15 year mortgage rate of 3.50% yesterday. On Thursday we predicted 15 year mortgage rates would go below 3.50% this past weekend and we were right.

30 year jumbo mortgage rates today are averaging 4.71%, up slightly from a record low of 4.69% set late last week. 30 year mortgage rates have declined quicker than 30 year conforming mortgage rates this past month. We can expect 30 year jumbo mortgage rates to head down around 4.50% this week.

15 year jumbo mortgage rates currently are averaging 4.10%, up from an average 15 year jumbo loan rate of 4.07% late last week. 15 year mortgage rates will be below 4.00% this coming week.

Today’s 5 year adjustable conforming mortgage rates are averaging 3.01%, a slight increase from an average 5 year adjustable conforming rate of 3.00%. 5 year conforming adjustable mortgage rates will go below 3.00% this week and possibly hit 2.85%.

Adjustable jumbo mortgage rates on 5 year jumbo loans are averaging 3.28%, down from an average 5 year jumbo rate of 3.29%. 5 year adjustable jumbo mortgage rates will break 3.25% this week and possibly head as low as 3.10%.

Author: James Martin
August 8th, 2011