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Mortgage Rates at Aimloan

Mortgage Rates at Aimloan

Mortgage rates continue to drop and made more record lows today. Don't expect current mortgage rates to increase anytime soon. The economy is slowing, unemployment is high and housing prices keep dropping, all these factors are forcing the Federal Reserve Open Market Committee to keep interest rates at a targeted range of zero percent for another couple of years. Aimloan is direct lender that is advertising some of today's lowest mortgage rates. Aimloan.com is advertising conforming 30 year mortgages at 3.875% with 1.464 mortgage points.

Find a list of current mortgage rates today by searching our rate lists here: CURRENT MORTGAGE RATES TODAY.  Find a list of the highest CD rates by searching our BANK CD RATES list here: HIGHEST CD RATES.

Aimloan.com is also advertising today's mortgage rates on 15 year mortgage loans that are also some of the best mortgage rates available right now. Aimloan's mortgage rates today on 15 year mortgages are advertised at 3.00% with 1.86 mortgage points.

In addition to advertising low conventional mortgage rates Aimloan is also advertising superconforming mortgage rates. Current 30 year super conforming mortgage rates are offered at 4.00% with 1.059 mortgage points. 

Aimloan is also advertising competitive adjustable mortgage rates. Today's 5/1 adjustable mortgage rates are at 2.25% with 1.272 mortgage points.

You can receive your own mortgage rates quotes at Aimloan.com without having to enter any personal information.

Author: Monica Harris
August 22nd, 2011