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Liberty Bank for Savings Mortgage Rates and Refinance Rates

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Liberty Bank for Savings headquartered in Chicago, Illinois, is advertising several different types of mortgage rates and refinance rates. Liberty Bank for Savings' interest rates are very competitive for any bank or credit union in Chicago.

Liberty Bank for Savings’ 30 year fixed conforming mortgage rates and 30 year fixed conforming refinance rates are advertised at 4.75 percent with 0.625 mortgage points. The bank is also advertising 30 year rates at 4.875 percent with zero points.

Of course 15 year mortgage rates and 15 year refinance rates are even lower. The bank’s current fixed conforming 15 year mortgage rates and fixed conforming 15 year refinance rates are advertised at 4.00 percent with 0.50 mortgages points. The bank is also offering 15 year conforming mortgage rates and 15 year conforming refinance rates are also available at 4.125 percent with zero discount points.

In addition to 30 year loans and 15 year loans the bank is offering 20 year loans and 10 year loans. Current conforming 20 year mortgage rates and conforming 20 year refinance rates are advertised at 4.50 percent with 0.625 points and also at 4.625 percent with no points.

Fixed conforming 10 year mortgage rates and fixed 10 year refinance rates are offered at 3.75 percent with no mortgage points.

The bank's jumbo mortgage rates and jumbo refinance rates are also some of the lowest rates available right now. 30 year jumbo mortgage rates and 30 year jumbo refi rates are offered at 5.625 percent with no points.

The bank's 15 year jumbo refi rates and 15 year jumbo home loan rates are advertised at 4.875 percent with no points.

Liberty Bank for Savings is also offering adjustable mortgage rates and adjustable refinance rates. For a list of current rates at the bank go to libertybank.com.

Author: Stacy Everest
March 22nd, 2011