Federated Mortgage Rates

Federated Mortgage RatesFederated mortgage rates are really competitive right now on fixed rate conventional loans. Current 30 year mortgage rates at Federated Mortgage are quoted at 4.25 percent with 0.10 mortgage points. The fees on this mortgage loan are rather high at $2,597. If you don't want to pay any points on a loan, Federated Mortgage is also quoting 30 year rates at 4.50 percent with no points. The better deal of these two is the 4.00 percent rate with 0.25 points.

15 year mortgage rates at Federated Mortgage are also a good deal now which are quoted at 3.875 percent with no points and only $740 in fees. You can get a rate of 3.625 percent if you're will to pay 0.25 mortgage points up front. Paying the 0.25 points to get a 0.25 percent lower rate is best deal.

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Short term adjustable mortgage rates offered by Federated Mortgage are higher because short term interest rates are higher. The current 5 year adjustable mortgage rate quoted by Federated is at 4.375 percent with no points.

To get the best deal on a home loan compare other lender's rates with mortgage rates offered at Federated Mortgage.
Author: Brian McKay
January 30th, 2019