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Current Mortgage Rates Today on 15 Year Mortgage Loans at 3.60% - CD Rates - Search for CD Rates Today

Current Mortgage Rates Today on 15 Year Mortgage Loans at 3.60%

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Current mortgage rates today are just above all-time record lows as the markets anticipate more action by the Federal Reserve to drive interest rates even lower from these record lows. 10 year bond yields are at 1.50 percent and will drop considerably if the Fed unleashes QE3.

We might see 10 year bond yields hit 1.25 percent and 30 year mortgage rates hit 3.25 percent if that happens. Today's mortgage rates on 30 year conforming mortgages are averaging 3.60 percent, just above a record low set eariler this week. There are home loan lenders offering 30 year refinance ratesas low as 3.44 percent on our 30 year refi rates table.

Current mortgage rates on 15 year conforming loans are averaging 2.98 percent, down from an average 15 year mortgage rate of 2.99 percent. Average 15 year mortgage rates have been below 3.00 percent for most of June and look to be headed lower.

If the Fed acts on QE3 average 15 year mortgage rates and refi rates could drop towards 2.50 percent. Right now there are some home loan lenders offering 15 year refinancing rates at 2.75 percent with 2 discount points.

Jumbo mortgage rates today are also just above record lows set last week. Jumbo mortgage interest rates on 30 year loans are averaging 4.20 percent, a slight increase from yesterday's average 30 year jumbo mortgage rate of 4.18 percent.

15 year jumbo mortgage rates are also higher today but not by much. Today's mortgage rates on 15 year jumbo loans are averaging 3.44 percent, an increase from yesterday's average jumbo rate of 3.42 percent.

You can also find home loan lenders offering jumbo mortgages below the averages. Right now on our rate table 30 year jumbo refinance rates can be found as low as 4.00 percent if you're willing to pay points. 15 year jumbo rates can be had at 3.25 percent, also with points.

Current 5 year adjustable mortgage rates today are averaging 3.02 percent, up from an average 5 year adjustable mortgage rate of 2.99 percent. 5 year jumbo adjustable mortgage rates are averaging 2.90 percent, an increase from yesterday's average 5 year jumbo rate of 2.88 percent.

Author: Monica Harris
July 31st, 2012