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Average Mortgage Rates Barely Change As Greece Default Likey

Average Mortgage Rates Barely Change As Greece Default Likey

Surprisingly average mortgage rates today are barely changed today. With all the financial turmoil in the world including the markets coming to the realization that Greece will probably default on its debt. The classic "flight to quality" when investors rush to U.S. Treasuries for a safe haven hasn't really materialized since bond yields haven't really changed much the past couple of days.

Mortgage rates are tied to bond yields so when yields go lower mortgage rates go down as well. Mortgage interest rates hit all-time lows just last week when 30 year mortgage rates were as low as 4.09%.

Current mortgage rates on 30 year home loans are averaging 4.17%, down from yesterday's average rate of 4.19%. Average mortgage rates on RatesORama.com are complied from hundreds of lenders across the U.S.

Average Mortgage Rates Today 9/13/11

30 year fixed conforming 4.17%
15 year fixed conforming 3.36%
30 year fixed jumbo 4.51%
15 year fixed jumbo 3.78%
5/1 conforming adjustable 2.97%
5/1 jumbo adjustable 3.08%

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Author: Monica Harris
September 13th, 2011