Annie Mac 15 Year Mortgage Rate Quoted at 2.49% with 1.94 Points

Annie Mac, a d/b/a of American Neighborhood Mortgage Acceptance Company LLC, is a limited liability corporation, not a government sponsored entity (GSE) such as Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae. We mention this so you're not confused and take Annie Mac as a GSE.

Average 15 year conforming mortgage rates are at the historically low rate of 2.82 percent. The average 15 year rate is down from last week's average of 2.85 percent. The lowest 15 year conforming rate available on our rate table is from Annie Mac at 2.49 percent with 1.94 points. You can search for 15 year rate in our state by using our rate list at

Mortgage rates are still low these days and will remain low for the rest of 2016. This is good news if you're thinking about buying a home or refinancing a mortgage. Low mortgage rates make buying a home more affordable than it would be if rates were higher. Likewise, refinancing to a lower rate can lower your monthly payments and save you tens of thousands of dollars in interest payments.

Annie Mac is headquartered in Mount Laurel, New Jersey, and does business in many states nationwide (NMLS number 338923). You can see state specific licensing information at Annie Mac Licensing.

In addition to quoting very competitive 15 year rates, Annie Mac is also quoting 30 year conforming mortgage rates at 3.25 percent with 1.251 mortgage points. Annie Mac's 30 year rates are below the current average 30 year mortgage rate of 3.72 percent. Annie Mac is also quoting 30 year rates at 3.625 percent with no mortgage points.

If you're searching for an adjustable mortgage rate, Annie Mac is offering the best adjustable rates on our list right now. 7/1 year adjustable refinance rates are quoted at 2.625 percent with 1.966 points. 5/1 adjustable rates are quoted at 2.25 percent with 1.224 points. You can find out more about Annie Mac mortgages by going to their website at

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Author: Brian McKay
March 30th, 2016