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Amerisave Mortgage Rates, Review and Comparison

Amerisave Mortgage Rates, Review and Comparison

Amerisave's mortgage rates are very competitive, in fact, their mortgage rates currently beat most other lender mortgage rates today. Amerisave is a direct lender that has funded billions in mortgage loans. Current 30 year conforming mortgage rates are advertised at 4.25%.

Besides havings competitive rates Amerisave's website also offers an Education section to that list mortgage loan terminology to help you get a better understanding of loan products and steps when getting a loan.

Conforming rates advertised on Amerisave.com include fixed conforming mortgage rates, conforming FHA mortgage rates and conforming adjustable mortgage rates. Of course you can also get your own mortgage loan quote.

Current Mortgage Rates from Amerisave

30 Year Fixed 3.875%
15 Year Fixed 3.25%
7 Year ARM 2.5%
5 Year ARM 1.75%
3 Year ARM 1.75%
30 Year Fixed FHA 3.875%
15 Year Fixed FHA 3.5%

Amerisave also offers free mortgage calculators you can use to help you figure out which home loan best fits your needs.

Author: Stacy Everest
May 28th, 2011