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Velocity Credit Union Share Certificate Rates

Velocity Credit Union Share Certificate Rates

Velocity Credit Union of Austin, Texas, is advertising several different types of certificates. The highest CD rates are on the Velocity Credit Union's 5 year Inflation Fighter certificate and their Individual Retirement Account (IRA) certificate. Current CD rates on both accounts is 2.59% with CD yields at 2.62%.

Find a list of CD rates at banks by searching our bank CD rates list here: Best CD Rates.

Velocity Credit Union other share certificate rates are not as competitive as their 5 year rates. For example, 1 year CD interest rates are at 0.90% with CD interest yields at 0.90%.

The credit union is also advertising mini-jumbo CD rates. Current 9 month mini-jumbo CD rates are available at 0.70% with a jumbo CD yield of 0.70%. The minimum opening deposit for a mini-jumbo certificate is only $20,000.

Share Certificate Rates from Velocity Credit Union

Mini-Jumbo 91 Days Yield 0.40%
Mini-Jumbo 6 months Yield 0.70%
Mini-Jumbo 9 months Yield 0.70%
Short Term Certificate 91 Days Yield 0.30%
Short Term Certificate 182 Days Yield 0.60%
Short Term Certificate 9 months Yield 0.60%
1 Year Inflation Fighter 1 year and over Yield 0.90%
18 Month Inflation Fighter 18 months and over Yield 0.90%
2 Year Inflation Fighter 2 years and over Yield 1.31%
30 Month Inflation Fighter 30 months and over Yield 1.31%
3 Year Inflation Fighter 3 years and over Yield 1.91%
4 Year Inflation Fighter 4 years and over Yield 2.02%
5 Year Inflation Fighter 5 years Yield 2.62%
2 Year Small Savers Certificate 2 years Yield 1.00%
1 Year IRA Certificate 1 year and over Yield 0.90%
2 Year IRA Certificate 2 years and over Yield 1.31%
3 Year IRA Certificate 3 years and over Yield 1.91%
4 Year IRA Certificate 4 years and over Yield 2.02%
5 Year IRA Certificate 5 years Yield 2.62%

For a current list of Velocity Credit Union share certificate rates go to velocitycu.com. For a list of current bank CD rates from several different banks use our rate list at RatesORama.com.


Author: Monica Harris
August 17th, 2011