U.S. Bank CD Rates and CD Yields

U.S. Bank, headquarted in Minneapolis, Minnesota, is advertising special online CD rates that have some of the highest CD rates available right now in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Certificate of deposit terms are 19 months, 37 months, and 59 months. These CD rates at banks are for both consumer certificates of deposit and small business certificates of deposit. The minimum opening certificate of deposit account balance is $1,000.

The shortest term bank CD rate, on U.S. Bank's 19 month certificate of deposit, is currently at 1.14 percent with a bank CD yield of 1.15 percent. This CD rate is better than most 18 month CD rates available right now.

U.S. Bank's longest term CD rates on their 59 month certificate of deposit are the highest CD rates available right now. 59 month bank CD rates are currently offered at 2.47 percent with a CD interest yield of 2.50 percent.

CD Rates and CD Yields U.S. Bank

  • 19 Month CD Rates 1.14% CD Yields 1.15%

  • 37 month CD Rates 1.69% CD Yields 1.70%

  • 59 month CD Rates 2.47% CD Yields 2.50%

CD interest rates at banks change all the time. For a list of today's CD interest rates at U.S. Bank go to usbank.com.

Author: Robert Till
January 17th, 2011