Regions Bank CD Rates and CD Yields

Regions Bank, based in Birmingham, Alabama is advertising Regions certificates of deposit and Relationship certificates of deposit. Regions Bank's regular CD rates are advertised in terms ranging from 7 days to 6 years. The minimum opening deposit varies based on the certificate of deposit term and type of certificate of deposit.  The minimum opening deposit for certificate of deposit terms of 7 days to 89 days is $2,500. Certificate of deposit terms 90 days and longer have a minimum opening deposit of $500.

The minimum opening deposit for a Relationship certificates of deposit is $500. The relationship with the bank is by having a Regions checking account. Of course Region's Relationship CD rates are better than the Regions CD Rates.

Regions Bank is also advertising two special promotional CD rates. The Bank's Special Relationship CD Rates have two terms, 34 months and 54 months. The 34 month rate is 1.69 percent with a yield of 1.70 percent. The 54 month rate is 2.08 percent with a yield of 2.10 percent.

The best CD rate on their regular relationship certificates of deposit is on their 5 years to 6 years certificate of deposit. The current bank CD rate is 1.04 percent with a CD yield of 1.05 percent. As you can see Region's CD rates aren't that greate. You can get 1 year CD rates higher than Region's 6 year CD rates. In fact, right now, on our CD rates list Ally Bank is offering 1 year CD rates at 1.28 percent and AIG Bank is offering 1 year CD rates at 1.14 percent.

CD Rates and CD Yields Regions Bank

Relationship Bank CD Rates and Bank CD Yields

  • 0 Months Rate 0.03% Yield 0.03%

  • 1-5 Months Rate 0.28% Yield 0.28%

  • 6-11 Months Rate 0.30% Yield 0.30%

  • 12-17 Months Rate 0.35% Yield 0.35%

  • 18-23 Months Rate 0.40% Yield 0.40%

  • 24-29 Months Rate 0.40% Yield 0.40%

  • 30-33 Months Rate 0.50% Yield 0.50%

  • 36-47 Months Rate 0.85% Yield 0.85%

  • 48-53 Months Rate 0.95% Yield 0.95%

  • 55-59 Months Rate 0.95% Yield 0.95%

  • 60-72 months Rate 1.04% Yield 1.05%

Author: Stacy Everest
January 25th, 2011