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Quaint Oak Bank CD Rates

Quaint Oak Bank CD Rates

Quaint Oak Bank, a small bank based in Southampton, Pennsylvania, has some of the very best CD rates available right now. You probably haven't heard of Quaint Oak Bank but they have been around the Bucks County area for more than 80 years. The bank's highest CD rates are on their 60 month regular and IRA certificates of deposit. The current 60 month rate is 2.63% with an APY of 2.70%. You'd be hard pressed to find CD rates at banks higher than that rate.

The better deals on CD rates at the bank are on their shorter term CDs. Relative to the CD term and rate 3 month bank CD rates are at 0.79% with an APY of 0.80%. A pretty good rate considering 3 month rates are averaging less than half.

12 month rates are also higher than the averages. Current 1 year rates at the bank are 1.08% with an APY of 1.10%. These rates are for both regular CDs and IRA CDs.

CD Rates Quaint Oak Bank

6 Months 0.79% 0.80%
12 Months 1.08% 1.10%
18 Months 1.13% 1.15%
24 Months 1.47% 1.50%
36 Months 1.86% 1.90%
48 Months 2.34% 2.40%
60 Months 2.63% 2.70%

The minimum opening deposit and minimum balance to earn interest on CD accounts is $500. You can contact the bank here for more information: Quaint Oak Bank Contact.

Author: James Martin
April 20th, 2011