Popular Direct Increases Intermediate Term CD Rates

Popular Direct CD rates on one, two, and three year certificates of deposit were recently increased. Popular Direct had been offering very competitive CD rates and with these increases, are now the best CD rates on our rate list for all three CD terms. 

Popular Direct's deposit products are offered through Banco Popular North America (BPNA). Deposit accounts are FDIC insured under Banco Popular North America (FDIC # 34967). In addition to being a member FDIC institution, BPNA is also a New York state chartered bank.

The recent CD rate increases include 1 year CD rates which were increased 4 basis points to 1.29 percent with a yield of 1.30 percent. 2 year CD rates were increased 5 basis points to 1.54 percent with a yield of 1.55 percent. 3 year rates were also increased 5 basis points to 1.59 percent with a yield of 1.60 percent.

Current CD Rates from Popular Direct

ProductAPYRateMin. Deposit
3 month CD0.600%0.600%$10,000.00
6 month CD0.850%0.850%$10,000.00
1 yr CD1.300%1.290%$10,000.00
2 yr CD1.550%1.540%$10,000.00
3 yr CD1.600%1.590%$10,000.00
5 yr CD2.000%1.980%$10,000.00
18 month CD1.350%1.340%$10,000.00
1 month CD0.050%0.050%$10,000.00
2 month CD0.050%0.050%$10,000.00
4 yr CD1.800%1.780%$10,000.00

You can compare Popular Direct CD rates with other bank CD rates by using our rate lists at RatesORama.com.

Author: Brian McKay
September 24th, 2016