Park Bank CD Rate and Mortgage Rates

Park Bank headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin is offering a special 10 month bank CD rate. Park Bank's special certificate of deposit on their 10 month CD. The current CD interest rate is 1.14 percent with a CD interest yield of 1.15 percent.

Park Bank's 10 month CD rate beats most 12 month CD rates available these days. The 10 month CD rate is only available for regular certificates of deposit not individual retirement account certificates of deposit.

In addition to the 10 month CD rate special Park Bank is also advertising several different types of mortgage rates including construction mortgages, lot mortgages and bridge mortgages. 30 year mortgage rates at Park Bank are advertised at 5.125 percent which is one of the best current mortgage rates available right now. 15 year mortgage rates are advertised at 4.375 percent.

Park Bank has been in business since 1966. Deposit accounts at Park Bank are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) up to $250,000.
Author: Stacy Everest
February 11th, 2011