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Overnight CD Rate Changes - June 30, 2016

Overnight CD Rate Changes – June 30, 2016

Overnight, three banks changed CD rates on several different CD products. Two of the three banks lowered their CD rates. The CD rate changes were to short term and intermediate term certificates of deposit. CD rates were changed on 1 year to 3 year products for both regular and jumbo CD accounts.

The largest CD rate change was 10 basis points on California First National Bank 2 year and 3 year CD rates for both regular and jumbo products. The lowest rate change was on AlsoStar Bank of Commerce CD products which were lowered only 1 basis point.

Despite the new lower rates at California First National Bank and AloStar Bank of Commerce, both banks are still offering competitive rates. For example, right now the highest 1 year CD rate on the rate list is at 1.25 percent. Alostar's new lower 1 year rate is at 1.20 percent and CFNB's new lower 1 year rate is at 1.15 percent.

You can see how all the new rates below compare with other CD rates at banks by searching our rate lists at RatesORama.com.




Author: Brian McKay
July 1st, 2016