Mississippi Federal Credit Union CD Rates and CD Yields

Mississippi Federal Credit Union based in Jackson, Mississippi, is advertising some very competitive credit union CD rates. Mississippi Federal Credit Union is advertising regular certificates (certificates of deposit) and mini-jumbo certificates. Mississippi Federal Credit Union's mini-jumbo CD rates are 0.10 percent higher than the regular CD rates. Certificate of deposit terms are available in 6 months, 12 months and 24 months.

Mississippi Federal Credit Union isn't offering the best CD rates in Jackson, MS, but there rates are better than most credit unions and banks.

 CD Rates and CD Yields Mississippi Federal Credit Union

Regular CD Rates and CD Yields

  • 6 Month CD 1.00% Yield 1.00%

  • 12 Month CD 1.00% Yield 1.00%

  • 24 Month CD 1.24% Yield 1.25%

Mini-Jumbo CD Rates and CD Yields

  • 6 Month CD 1.10% Yield 1.10%

  • 12 Month CD 1.10% Yield 1.10%

  • 24 Month CD 1.34% Yield 1.35%

As with any credit union you will have to join Mississippi Federal Credit Union to open a certificate account. For a list of current interest rates and information about joining go to msfcu.us.
Author: Monica Harris
March 6th, 2011