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Freedom Credit Union Certificate Rates: Best Rate 5 Year at 2.67%

Freedom Credit Union Certificate Rates: Best Rate 5 Year at 2.67%

Freedom Credit Union based of Springfield, Massachusetts, is advertising certificate rates that are very competitive with any bank or credit union in MA. The credit union's highest certificate rate is on their 5 year certificate. Current 5 year rates are at 2.47% with a yield of 2.50%. You probably won't find CD rates higher than that rate on a 5 year CD.

As with any credit union you'll have to join Freedom to open a certificate account. If you're not eligable you can view a list of the highest CD rates by searching our best CD rates list here: Best CD Rates. You can also view a list of the highest savings account rates here: Savings Account Rates.

Best Rates Freedom Credit Union Certificate Rates

6 Month Rate .79 APY .80
9 or 12 Month Special Rate 1.48 APY 1.50
18 Month Rate 1.19 APY 1.20
24 Month Rate 1.44 APY 1.45
36 Month Rate 1.93 APY 1.95
48 Month Rate 2.22 APY 2.25
60 Month Rate 2.47 APY 2.50

Freedom Credit Union is also offering advertising share rates and money market rates. The best savings account rates are on the credit union's share which are at 0.30%. Money market account rates are higher at 0.99% with a money market yield of 1.00%.

If you're searching for a mortgage to buy a home or refinance an existing mortgage the credit union is offering current mortgage rates on 30 year mortgages at 4.25% which is just above an all-time low of 4.09% for a 30 year loan.

Author: Monica Harris
September 15th, 2011