East Boston Savings Bank (EBSB) CD Rates and Review

East Boston Savings Bank Direct, the online banking division of East Boston Savings Bank (EBSB), is offering a couple of very competitive online CD rates. As with any bank these days, online CD rates are usually higher than the traditional brick and mortar CD rates.

If you don't live in the Boston area, it's likely you haven't heard about EBSB though the bank dates back to 1848. EBSB operates 31 bank branches in the greater Boston area. Deposits at both EBSB and EBSB Direct are insured by the FDIC for up to $250,000 per account.

The bank is also part of Deposit Insurance Fund of Massachusetts (DIF). The DIF is an industry sponsored deposit insurance fund that insures all deposits above (FDIC) limits at Massachusetts-chartered savings banks. To read more about the DIF, see their website Deposit Insurance Fund of Massachusetts.

EBSB Direct is currently offering a 16 month CD rate at 1.40 percent with a yield of 1.41 percent. The bank is also offering a 25 month CD rate a 1.40 percent with a yield of 1.41 percent but with this CD account you get to "bump the rate up." These type of CD accounts allow the depositor increase the CD rate if CD rates increase during the term.

You can see how these EBSB Direct CD rates compare with EBSB CD rates.

Author: Brian McKay
October 12th, 2016