Capital One 360 Bank Lowers Short Term CD Rates

Capital One 360 Bank, the online banking division of the credit card company Capital One, has lowered their short-term CD rates. Capital One 360 Bank CD rates on 6 month and 9 month certificates of deposit were lowered the most at 0.50 percent.

Regular and jumbo 6 month CD rates at Capital One 360 Bank were at 0.90 percent, the third best 6 month rate on our list. The new 6 CD rate of 0.40 percent drops Capital One 360 Bank down on our rate list to 18th place.

9 month regular and jumbo CD rates were also dropped from 0.90 percent to 0.40 percent. Capital One 360 Bank had the second top 9 month rate on our list and now places 7th on the list.

1 year regular and jumbo CD rates were not lowered as much - rates were only lowered 15 basis points.  1 year regular and jumbo CD rates were lowered from 0.90 percent to 0.75 percent. Capital One 360 Bank's current CD rates are listed below.

Current CD Rates at Capital One 360 Bank

6 Month CD0.40%
9 Month CD0.40%
12 Month CD0.75%
18 Month CD0.90%
24 Month CD1.10%
30 Month CD1.10%
36 Month CD1.10%
48 Month CD1.10%
60 Month CD1.25%

You can see how Capital One Bank's CD rates compare with other bank CD rates by searching our rate lists at  


Author: Brian McKay
October 4th, 2016