Beal Bank CD Rates and CD Yields

Beal Bank, headquartered in Plano, Texas, is offering some very competitive bank CD rates available in Texas. Beal Bank is advertising bank CD rateswith terms ranging between 3 months and 12 months months. The minimum opening deposit for a certificate of deposit account at Beal Bank is $10,000.

Beal Bank's current 3 month CD interest rate is 0.51 percent with a CD interest yield of 0.51 percent. Investing in a short term certificate of deposit like a 3 month CD is a good choice these days. Why? Because bank CD rates and credit union CD rates are so low right now there is no where to go but up. That being said, why would you lock yourself into a long term CD that is paying a paltry CD interest rate?

Beal Bank's 6 month bank CD interest rate is at 0.61 percent with a bank CD interest yield of 0.61 percent. 9 month certificate of deposit rates are curerntly offered at 0.71 percent with a certificate of deposit yield of 0.71 percent. 12 month CD rates are offered at 1.01 percent with a CD yield of 1.01 percent.

Beal Bank is offering other deposit products in addition to CD rates. Beal Bank is also advertising savings account rates and money market account rates. For more information go to
Author: Stacy Everest
January 6th, 2011