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Bank of Internet CD Rates

Bank of Internet CD Rates

Are you searching online for the highest CD rates? Bank of Internet, an online bank, is offering some of the highest bank CD rates available right now. Most people haven't heard of Bank of Internet but the bank is a public traded (NASDAQ:BOFI) bank based in San Diego, California

Bank of Internet is advertising regular certificates of deposit with terms of 3 months to 60 months. The minimum opening balance for a personal certificate of deposit is $1,000. 

Bank of Internet’s 3 to 5 month bank CD rates are at 0.35 percent with a bank CD yield of 0.35 percent. The longest term certificate of deposit rates advertised by Bank of Internet are their 60 month CD rates. Naturally the longest term has the best CD rate. The current 60 month CD rate is 2.46 percent with a CD interest yield of 2.49 percent. The 60 month rate is one of the best CD rates in San Diego, CA or any other town.

 CD Rates Bank of Internet

  • 3 to 5 Month Bank CD Rates 0.35% CD Yields 0.35%

  • 6 to 11 Month Bank CD Rate 1.14% CD Yields 1.15%

  • 12 to 23 Month Bank CD Interest Rates 1.40% CD Yields 1.41%

  • 24 to 35 Month Bank CD Interest Rate 1.71% CD Yields 1.72%

  • 36 to 47 Month CD Rates at Bank 2.03% CD Yields 2.05%

  • 48 to 59 Month CD Rates 2.26% CD Yields 2.28%

  • 60 Month CD Rates 2.51% CD Yields 2.54%

BofI CD Account Features

  • CD terms from three months to five years

  • Interest compounded daily

  • Free electronic transfer of interest

  • Auto renewal with 10 day grace period

  • Living Trust account ownerships available

  • FDIC insured for up to $250,000

Visit bankofinternet.com for a current list of interest rates.

Author: Monica Harris
March 21st, 2011