Arkansas FCU CD Rates

Arkansas Federal Credit Union (AFCU) based in Jacksonville, Arkansas, is advertising regular CD rates and jumbo CD rates. Certificate of deposit terms range from 91 days to 60 months. The minimum opening balance for a regular certificate of deposit is $1,000. The minimum opening balance for a jumbo certificate of deposit is $100,000.

Arkansas Federal Credit Union doesn't have the best CD rates around but their rates are competitive with any bank or credit union in Arkansas. You would think the credit union's jumbo CD rates would be higher than their regular CD rates but they not. The rates and yields are the same for both types of certificates.

AFCU's top CD rate is on their 3 year, 4 year and 5 year certificates of deposit. The regular CD rate and 5 year jumbo CD rate is 1.84 percent with a CD yield of 1.85 percent. The 3 year CD rate is the best deal right now.

CD Rates & Jumbo CD Rates Arkansas Federal Credit Union

  • 91-Day 0.15% Yield 0.15%

  • 182-day 0.20% Yield 0.20%

  • One year 0.80% Yield 0.80%

  • Two year 1.49% Yield 1.50%

  • Three year 1.84% Yield 1.85%

  • Four year 1.84% Yield 1.85%

  • Five year1.84% Yield 1.85%

As with any credit union you will have to join Arkansas Federal Credit Union to open a certificate of deposit account. For information on joining AFCU and a list of current credit union CD rates go to
Author: Monica Harris
February 16th, 2011