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Affinity Plus Credit Union 12 Month CD Rates at 1.98% - CD Rates - Search for CD Rates Today

Affinity Plus Credit Union 12 Month CD Rates at 1.98%

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Affinity Plus Credit Union of St. Paul, Minnesota, has one of the best CD rates, if not the best CD rate, available from any credit union or bank. Affinity Plus Credit Union is offering their 12 month Wahoo certificate that has a current dividend rate of 1.98 percent with an annual percentage yield (APY) of 2.00 percent. I doubt you can find a 12 month CD rate higher than that rate.

Unfortunately there is a maximum deposit amount of $25,000. Even with the cap you'll earn $500 of interest if you open a certificate with the max amount. Most other 12 month CD rates at banks and 12 month CD rates at credit unions are less than half Affinity Plus Credit Union's rate.

The credit union is also offering the following regular certificates.

3 months 0.25% APY 0.25%
6 months 0.374% APY 0.375% 
12 months 0.80% APY 0.80%
24 Months 1.12% APY 1.125% 
*36 Months 1.79% APY 1.80%
*48 Months 1.982% APY 2.00%
*60 Months 2.47% APY 2.50%

*Available as IRA Certificates. IRA Certificate dividends must accrue on the certificate.

Interest rates change all the time, for a current list of the credit union's rates visit the credit union's website. Information about joining the credit union can be found here: Affinity Plus Credit Union Membership Application.

Author: James Martin
April 26th, 2011