Wescom Credit Union CD Rates and CD Yields

Wescom Credit Union with locations through out Southern California is advertising regular share CD rates and a 24 month College Saver CD rate. Wescom Credit Union's certificate of deposit rates are not the best CD rates available in Southern California but their credit union CD rates are competitive. The minimum opening deposit for a regular CD is $500 and the minimum opening deposit for the College Saver CD is $250.

Certificate of deposit terms range from 3 months to 35 months. You can choose terms between 3 months and 35 months unlike most banks and credit unions which have set terms. Wescom Credit Union's best CD rate is on their 24 month regular CD and 24 month College Saver CD.

Wescom's longest term certificate, 35 months, currently has a CD rate of 0.90 percent with a CD yield of 0.90%. You can also open a 24 month certificate of deposit with a 0.90 percent CD rate and CD yield. You might as well stick to shorter term certificates of deposit since the future direction of CD rates at banks and credit unions will be higher.

CD Rates and CD Yields Wecom Credit Union

  • 3-Month (90 to 179 days) CD Rates 0.25% CD Yields 0.25%

  • 6-Month (180 to 364 days) CD Rates 0.35% CD Yields 0.35%

  • 12-Month (12 to 17 months) CD Rates 0.55% CD Yields 0.55%

  • 18 Month (18 to 23 months) CD Rates 0.65% CD Yields 0.65%

  • 24-Month (24 to 35 months) CD Rates 0.90% CD Yields 0.90%

  • 24-Month College Saver CD Rates 0.90% CD Yields 0.90%

Author: Robert Till
January 17th, 2011