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The Delaware National Bank of Delhi CD Rates

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The Delaware National Bank of Delhi, a small bank based in Delhi, New York, is offering bank CD rates at are well above the national average rates. The bank's best CD rates are on short term certificates of deposit. 91 day CD rates are currently at 1.01% with a bank CD yield of 1.01%. The minimum opening deposit for any CD accounts at the bank is $100.

Here is a list of current CD rates at Delaware National Bank of Delhi:

91 DAY CD Rate 1.01 Yield 1.01
182 DAY CD Rate 1.05 Yield 1.05
1 YEAR CD Rate 1.10 Yield 1.10
18 MONTH CD Rate 1.15 Yield 1.15
2 YEAR CD Rate 1.20 Yield 1.20
30 MONTH CD Rate 1.30 Yield 1.31
3 YEAR CD Rate 1.45 Yield 1.46
4 YEAR CD Rate 1.75 Yield 1.76
5 YEAR CD Rate 2.00 Yield 2.02

Here is a little history of the bank:
The Delaware National Bank of Delhi is the 30th oldest bank in the Country, and the 3rd oldest bank in the State of New York. We are the oldest bank in Delaware County. In 1839, the bank opened its doors for business on the second floor of a storefront on Delhi's Main Street. In 1841, the  white pillared structure shown above was built, which still functions as the bank today.

You can contact the bank at (607)-746-0720. For a list of the bank's current CD interest rates go to delhinybank.com. For a list of the best CD rates at banks and credit unions search RatesORama.com.

Author: Stacy Everest
June 29th, 2011