M.Y. Safra Bank CD Rates and Review

M.Y. Safra Bank, headquartered in New York City, just increased their CD rates across the board. Some of the increases were rather sizeable. The biggest increase was on M.Y. Safra Bank 2 year CD rates, which was increased 65 basis points.

You might not have heard of M.Y. Safra Bank but they have been around since 2000 in one form or another. The bank used to be known as T. Rowe Price Savings Bank but changed their name to M.Y. Safra Bank in December 2013.

My Safra Bank CD Rate Changes

Listed below are the most recent CD rate changes at My Safra bank.

ProductRate (new / old)
1 yr CD1.47 / 1.4
18 month CD1.56 / 1.46
4 yr CD2.03 / 1.99
3 yr CD1.91 / 1.89
18 month jumbo CD1.56 / 1.46
3 yr jumbo CD1.91 / 1.89
1 yr jumbo CD1.47 / 1.4
4 yr jumbo CD2.03 / 1.99

M.Y. Safra Bank Review

M.Y. Safra Bank, provides both personal and business banking products. The bank offers deposit and transaction services, including interest bearing checking accounts, interest bearing money market deposit and savings accounts and interest bearing certificates of deposits.

The bank also provides personal lending solutions including fixed and adjustable rate mortgages for residential properties and home equity lines of credit. Other personal loans include secured or unsecured lines of credit.

On the business side of real estate, the bank provides commercial and business financing for owner-occupied commercial real estate and working capital lines of credit. In addition to commercial real estate financing, this includes multi-family, underlying co-op, commercial condo, mixed use, and flex space loans.

You can see how CD rates at M.Y. Safra Bank compare with other bank CD rates by searching our CD rate lists at RatesORama.com.

Author: Brian McKay
June 13th, 2017