Manville Area Federal Credit Union CD Interest Rates and CD Interest Yields

Manville Area Federal Credit Union (MAFCU), headquartered in Manville, New Jersey, is advertising certificates of deposit with terms of less than one year. These days it makes sense to invest in short term certificates of deposit since CD interest rates and yields will be going higher in 2011.

Manville Area Federal Credit Union's short term credit union CD rates include 3 month CD rates, 6 month CD rates, 9 month CD rates and 12 month CD rates. The minimum opening deposit for certificates of deposit with these terms is $1,000.

Manville Area Federal Credit Union is offering a variable rate certificate of deposit with a minimum opening deposit of $3,000. The current variable rate CD rate is 0.60 percent with a yield of 0.60 percent. Most certificates of deposit have a fixed interest rate for the term of the CD. If the CD rate is 1.00 percent on a 12 month certificate of deposit the interest rate will stay the same for the entire 12 month period.

A variable rate certificate of deposit is more like a savings account. The interest rate is usually tied to the Prime Rate and can change at any time. When interest rates are heading higher a variable rate CD is a good investment since you can ride interest rates higher instead of being locked into a rate.

Credit Union CD Interest Rates Manville Area Federal Credit Union 

  • 3 month Interest Rates 0.50% Yields 0.51

  • 6 month Interest Rates 0.60% Yields 0.61%

  • 9 month Interest Rates 0.70% Yields 0.71%

  • 12 month Interest Rates 0.80% Yields 0.81

Author: Stacy Everest
January 25th, 2011