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Illinois Community Credit Union CD Rates

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Illinois Community Credit Union, based in Sycamore, Illinois, is advertising one of the highest CD rates on a 5 year share certificate. The current CD rate is 2.60% with a CD yield of 2.63%. This rate is available on the Illinois Community Credit Union's share certificate and IRA certificate.

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Other share certificate rates at Illinois Community Credit Union that are good deals include their 4 year rate of 2.10% with a yield of 2.12%. This rate is also available on share certificates and IRA certificates.

The rest of the rates at Illinois Community Credit Union aren't really that great. 3 month rates are at 0.40%, while that rate isn't the lowest rate around you definitely can find better CD rates than that. Ally Bank rates on 3 month certificates of deposit are at 0.44%.

CD Rates Illinois Community Credit Union

3 Month Rates 0.40% 0.40% (Not Available in IRA)
5 & 6 Month Rates 0.55% Yields 0.55%
12 Month Rates 0.80% Yields 0.80%
18 Month Rates 1.10% Yields 1.11%
24 Month Rates 1.20% Yields 1.21%
30 Month Rates 1.30% Yields 1.31%
36 Month Rates 1.60% Yields 1.61%
48 Month Rates 2.10% Yields 2.12%
60 Month Rates 2.60% Yields 2.63%

For information about joining Illinois Community Credit Union and a list of current CD rates go to ilcomcu.org.

Author: Monica Harris
August 5th, 2011