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Highest 6 Month CD Rates: Best CD Rates at 1.01%

Highest 6 Month CD Rates: Best CD Rates at 1.01%

Investing in short term certificates of deposit these days is probably the best place to put your money. Equity markets are tumbling, the Dow was down over 600 points yesterday, Treasury yields are pathetic, 6 month yields are 0.07%. With markets tumbling and ultra low bond yields the safest place and the best return for your money are short term CDs.

You can find the best CD rates at banks right here: CD Rates at Banks.

The best CD rateson 6 month certificates of deposit are at 1.01%. Bank of Internet USA CD rates on 6 month certificate of deposits are at 1.01% with bank CD yields at 1.01%.  Another bank offering one of the highest CD rates on 6 month CDs is Ally Bank. Ally Bank's 6 month CD rates are at 0.99% with a bank CD yield of 0.99%.

These 6 month CD interest rates are available nationally. You can find CD interest rates even higher than these high rates. If you live or work around Lavale, Maryland, Allegany County Teachers Federal Credit Union is offering 6 month CD rates better than the rates listed above. The credit union is offering 6 month credit union CD rates at 1.26% with a credit union CD yield of 1.26%.

If you know of a higher CD rate available nationally on 6 month certificates of deposit contact us and let us know about it. We will publish the rate so everyone can benefit from the rate and we will also give you credit.

Author: James Martin
August 9th, 2011