Get Bank Financial Information While Comparing the Best CD Rates Available

We recently introduced our database of financial information on banks across the United States. We have organized this information in an easy-to-read format that also contains a list of the best CD rates available. Each bank's financial page contains information including a bank's total assets, deposits, equity capital, and net income.

The information also includes each bank's main address, financial regulator, number of offices and the bank's FDIC certification number. Now you can easily check on the health of a bank you're thinking about using while checking on CD rates in that bank's regional area. Our list of bank CD rates also contains national CD rates so you can be sure you're getting the highest rates.

Are you looking for banks that only have a physical address in your town? We also provide a list of banks in each city and town in the United states so you can easily find banks in your area. We have also created a database that contains the combined financial information on banks in each city and town.

For example, in the town of Danbury, Connecticut, there are two banks that have the main office in that town. The total number of bank branches/office (local, regional and national)  in Danbury, CT is 42.  Danbury, CT bank offices hold $3,279 million in assets, with $2,254 million in deposits. The largest bank in Danbury, CT is Savings Bank of Danbury.

Not only have we created a database of bank information we also have a database of credit union information. You can easily find both banks and credit unions in your state and city by searching our databases. You can also search for and compare the highest CD rates at banks for all certificate of deposit terms by using our database of rates.
Author: James Martin
January 28th, 2013