EverBank CD Rates and Review

EverBank CD rates were recently increased and are very competitive. In addition to listing the new CD rates we are also writing a review of EverBank's CD products. EverBank is headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, and has physical locations and not just an online presence. Everbank is part of EverBank Financial Group which was acquired last June by TIAA.

In addition to banking, Everbank Financial Group also has other divisions offering a wide variety of financial services. Everbank offers commercial finance, provides financing to mortgage originators, wealth management and other financial services. 

EverBank CD RatesEverBank offers several different deposit products including savings accounts, checking accounts, and certificates of deposit. Bank CD rates and all other deposit rates are moving higher these days because the Fed is increasing the fed funds rate. The bank's certificates of deposit include several different types and terms which are discussed in more in detail below. 

EverBank Online Banking and Banking App

The bank's online banking services are robust and secure, providing customers with many tools for banking. Customers can bank online using the company's website and their mobile banking app. 

The bank's customers can easily transfer funds between internal accounts and external linked accounts. In addition, customers can also pay bills online and monitor all types of account activity. Frankly, these days there is no need to ever visit a bank branch to do any kind of banking.

Everbank Certificate of Deposits

The bank offers many different types of certificates of deposit including their Yield Pledge CDs, Bump Rate CDs, LIBOR Index CD and CDARS Service CDs. Of course the rate on these types of CDs are not as much as regular CD rates because you're also paying for a service. Each CD product is listed below.

EverBank Yield Pledge CDs

  • No monthly account fee
  • 20-day maturity alert
  • Automatic rollover
  • IRA eligible
  • $5,000 to open
  • Many different CD terms to choose from
  • Top 5% yields at account opening and rollover. The CD yield will be in the top 5% of Competitive Accounts based on Bankrate Monitor National Index survey data from that week.

EverBank Bump Rate CDs

  • Optional 1-time rate bump. The Bump Rate CD features a Rate Increase Option that allows you to increase your interest rate and Annual Percentage Yield (APY) one time during the term if CD rates increase during the CD term. 
  • May only hold one Bump Rate CD at a time
  • Automatic rollover
  • IRA eligible
  • Many different CD terms to choose from
  • $1,500 to open ($250K maximum)


The bank's traditional CDs have a fixed rate for the entire CD term. The bank's LIBOR Index CD returns have a variable rate because the CD product is directly tied to the performance of the 3-month London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR). The LIBOR Index CD is tied to the 3-month LIBOR rate, as it moves, so too does the rate on your CD. Since we are in a rising interest rate environment, you get the benefit of earning more. 

CDARS Service CDs

The bank's CDARS Service CDs uses the CDARS network of banks. As part of the CDARS network of banks, EverBank will distribute your funds into CDs at other banks in the network. This network allows you to have FDIC insurance beyond the $250,000 maximum. You can read more about the CDARS Service at: How CDARS Works.

EverBank CD Rates

Listed below are a recent slew of EverBank CD rates and the recent rate changes. As you can see, all the CD rate changes were higher. 

CD ProductRate (new / old)Yield (new / old)
2 yr CD2.24 / 2.092.27 / 2.11
2.5 yr CD2.27 / 2.132.3 / 2.15
3 yr CD2.37 / 2.272.4 / 2.3
5 yr CD2.62 / 2.522.65 / 2.55
2.5 yr jumbo CD2.27 / 2.132.3 / 2.15
5 yr jumbo CD2.62 / 2.522.65 / 2.55
18 month CD2.1 / 2.042.12 / 2.06
2 yr jumbo CD2.24 / 2.092.27 / 2.11
18 month jumbo CD2.1 / 2.042.12 / 2.06
3 yr jumbo CD2.37 / 2.272.4 / 2.3
4 yr CD2.47 / 2.322.5 / 2.35
4 yr jumbo CD2.47 / 2.322.5 / 2.35

 You can compare EverBank CD rates with other bank and credit union CD rates by searching our rate lists at

Author: Brian McKay
February 23rd, 2018