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Dividend Rates from First Imperial Credit Union

Dividend Rates from First Imperial Credit Union

First Imperial Credit Union of California has some of the best dividend rates on their share certificates (certificates of deposit). The highest CD dividend rate is 1.80 percent for their jumbo . If you're wondering about the terminology in the last sentence here read this. Credit union share certificates are the equivalent of certificates of deposit at banks. Credit union dividend rates are the equivalent of bank CD rates.

Now back to First Imperial Credit Union's rates. The credit union's  1 year share certificate currently has a CD dividend rate of 0.80 percent. Jumbo dividend rates are a little higher. The current jumbo dividend rate on 12 month jumbo share certificates is 0.90 percent.

The minimum opening deposit for a regular share certificate is $500. Jumbo share certificates have a minimum opening deposit of $100,000. All share certificate accounts are insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) for up to $250,000.

First Imperial Credit Union's shortest term share certificate which is their 3 month certificate has a dividend rate of 0.35%, jumbo 3 month dividend rates 0.40 percent.

First Imperial Credit Union is based in CA and has locations in Brawley, CA, Imperial, CA and El Centro, CA. You will have to join the credit union to open a share certificate. Information about joining can be found at the credit union's website here: First Imperial CU Membership

Author: James Martin
April 17th, 2011