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Compare Bank Financial Information When Searching for the Best CD Rates

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A few weeks ago RatesORama.com released new section dedicated to financial information on credit unions. This week we have released an entire new section dedicated to bank financials. The brand spanking new "Bank Finanical" pages have information on banks across the country. With our new search tool you find quickly find a list of banks for any state, find out more about a bank while comparing the CD rates from banks available in that state.

We list a bunch of bank CD rates both locally and nationally so you can always be assured you find the best CD rates available to you. All the banks listed are member FDIC banks that have deposits insured by the FDIC for up to the maximum amount by law.

The information contained also include the bank's main address and contact information. The Bank's FDIC certification number is also promptly displayed easy for you to find.

To the right you can see an example of the bank financial information. The snap shot to the right contains Bank of Fairfield finanical information like total assets, total deposits, net income and more. You can see where a bank has it'sheadquarters, in this case the Bank of Fairfield has it's headquarters in New Canaan, Connecticut.

We published these pages to help consumers decide which banks to place their deposits in. Sometimes you find a bank offering bank CD rates higher than most other banks but sometimes those banks are not financially sound. Granted deposits are insured for up to $250,000 but you also have to make sure the deposit amount including interested earned doesn't exceed that amount, anything over $250k would be lost if a bank fails.

Feel free to browse our new bank financial page information on banks to help you decided which banks are worthy of your deposits! Each page also contains a list of CD rates at banks in that particluar state.

Author: Monica Harris
December 5th, 2012