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CGR Credit Union CD Rates

CGR Credit Union CD Rates

CGR Credit Union of Macon, Georgia, is offering some of the best CD rates currently available. CGR Credit Union's beat most CD rates at banks and credit unions in Georgia. 1 year certificate of deposit rates at CGR Credit Union are offered at 1.19% with a yield of 1.20%. This rate is almost the same as Ally Bank's CD rates on 1 year CDs.

Find the highest CD rates at banks by searching our rate lists here: CD Rates at Banks.

CGR Credit Union's other share certificate rates include a Special 30 month Step-Up CD with a current CD rate of 1.59% with a CD interest yield of 1.60%. This CD account has minimum $5,000 deposit and features the opportunity to step up the CD rate twice during the life of the certificate account.

CD Rates CGR Credit Union

3 Month Rates 0.50% Yields 0.50%
6 Month Rates 0.85% Yields 0.85%
12 Month Rates 1.19% Yields 1.20%
18 Month Rates 1.29% Yields 1.30%
24 Month Rates 1.49% Yields 1.50%
36 Month Rates 1.79% Yields 1.80%
48 Month Rates 2.18% Yields 2.20%
60 Month Rates 2.37% Yields 2.40%

For a current list of share certificate rates and information about joining the credit union go to cgrcu.org.

Author: Robert Till
August 12th, 2011