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Certificate of Deposit Rates at My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank

Certificate of Deposit Rates at My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank

A local Florida bank, BAC Florida Bank has an online division that is currently offering some of the best CD rates available right now. My e-BAnC by BAC Florida Bank is offering certificates of deposit with terms ranging between 6 months and 3 years for both regular CD accounts and jumbo CD accounts.

You may not have heard of the online bank or their parent bank but their deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC). BAC Florida Bank is a member FDIC bank, their FDIC cert number 21265. The bank is supervised by both the State of Florida and the FDIC.

The parent company, BAC Florida Bank has one location in Coral Gables, Florida. BAC Florida Bank and their subsidiaries have over 5,500 customers, 150 employees, $1,310 million in assets, and $939 million in deposits. BAC Florida Bank is part of The Pellas Group.

Regular CD rates from My e-BAnC

  • 6 months  0.77% APY

  • 12 months 1.15% APY

  • 18 months 1.16% APY

  • 24 months 1.31% APY

  • 36 months 1.40% APY

Jumbo CD rates from My e-BAnC

  • 6 months 0.80% APY

  • 12 months 1.17% APY

  • 18 months 1.18% APY

  • 24 months 1.35% APY

  • 36 months 1.41% APY

Flex CD Rates from My e-BAnC

  • 12 months 0.70%

  • 18 months 0.75%

Flex CD accounts differ from regular and jumbo CD accounts because you are permitted to make two penalty-free withdrawals.

My e-BAnC CD account benefits include:

  • Competitive CD rates

  • No CD account maintenance fees

  • Interest earned is compounded daily to give you the highest annual percentage yield (APY)

  • Multiple ways to receive interest earned on the CD account

  • Online and mobile banking gives you access to your certificate of deposit account at any time

  • FDIC insured

  • CD account automatically renews at maturity

Author: Brian McKay
January 22nd, 2015