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CD Rates and Financial Information at Crossroads Credit Union of Goessel, Kansas - CD Rates - Search for CD Rates Today

CD Rates and Financial Information at Crossroads Credit Union of Goessel, Kansas

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A credit union out of Goessel, Kansas, Crossroads Credit Union, used to have some of the best CD rates on long term certificates but the credit union has lowered the rates they pay considerably over the past several years. Lower CD rates isn't unusual since interest rates in general are at record lows. The absolute best certificate rate at Crossroads Credit Union is on their 60 month Certifiate Secured E at 3.00 percent APY.

Crossroads Credit Union used to have 3 month CD rates at 0.91 percent, which was one of the highest CD rates around from any credit union or bank for that matter in Goessel. 3 month credit union CD rates now are less than a third at 0.30 percent (minimum opening deposit of $2,500). Although 3 month CD interest rates are a third of what they were recently the credit union's rate is still higher than 3 month bank CD rates in the FDIC rate survey this week. 3 month CD rates at banks are averaging 0.10 percent in the FDIC survey for the week ending November 19, 2012.

Other certificate rates offered by Crossroads Credit Union include 6 month certificates with current 6 month certificate interest rates at 0.40 percent. 6 month certificates have a minimum opening deposit of only $500, a lot less than 3 month certificate minimums. In fact, 6 month, 12 month and 18 month certificates have a minimum opening deposit of only $500 while 3 month minimums are at $2,500 and 30 month minimums are at $5,000.

I contacted Crossroads Credit Union to ask them about their different minimum deposit requirements based on the certificate term and the credit union's representative couldn't give me an answer. Anyhow here is a complete list of current CD rates at Crossroads Credit Union.

Crossroads Credit Union CD Rates

  •  3 Month Rates 0.30%

  • 6 Month Rates 0.40%

  • 12 Month Rates 0.50%

  • 18 Month Rates 0.75%

  • 30 Month Rates 1.00%

If you're interested in reading about the history of Crossroads Credit Union
Credit Union opened for business as Crossroads Federal Credit Union in February of 1950, with the first deposit of $25 being made by Crossroads Coop Association, making it the first member. On March 14, the first organizational meeting was held, with six charter members and 60 other interested persons present.

By the first annual meeting in January 1951, 101 members belonged to the credit union.   As of the 50th anniversary in 2000, there were over 1,400 members, and membership is constantly growing. On June 27, 2006 Crossroads changed their charter from a federally chartered credit union to a state chartered credit union which brought a name change, dropping the Federal from the name and becoming simply Crossroads Credit Union. It also opened up the membership to a tri-county area (see membership requirements below).

Crossroads was built on the credit union philosophy of "Not for Profit, But for Service." It exists because people care about each other and are willing to put their finances together as part of a caring community. People save money and lend money to other people. The life of Crossroads is people.

Crossroads Credit Union Contact Information

Contact: Kelly M Schrag

Po Box 67 Goessel, KS 67053

(620) 367-2285

Crossroads Credit Union Financial Information

  • Members: 1,292

  • Employees: 3

  • Total Assets: $7,671,070

  • Total Loans: $4,530,440

  • Net Worth Ratio: 14.65%

  • Share Growth: 20.58%

  • Loan Growth: 16.04%

  • Loan Assets Ratio: 59.05%

  • Investment Assets Ratio: 39.36%

To be eligible to join Crossroads Credit Union you must live, work, worship, or own a business in Marion, McPherson or Harvey Counties and their immediate family members. You can see how this credit union's certificate rates compare with CD rates at banks by using our rate tables.

Author: Monica Harris
November 25th, 2012