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Best CD Rates: Share Rates at Credit Union of Atlanta

Best CD Rates: Share Rates at Credit Union of Atlanta

CD RATES: Right now you can get some of the best CD rates at Credit Union of Atlanta. The credit union is offering share rates on 1 year certificates at 1.50% with a yield of 1.53%. You probably won't find share rates or bank CD rates higher then that rate for a 1 year certificate of deposit.

18 month, 24 month and 30 month share certificates also have a current rate of 1.50% and a yield of 1.53%. This rate is considerably above the current national average rates.

If you're searching for a longer term certificate Credit Union of Atlanta is offering 36 month, 42 month, 48 month and 54 month share rates at 2.52% with a yield of 2.52%.

The longest term share certificate offered at Credit Union of Atlanta, 5 year share certificates have a current rate of 2.75% with a yield of 2.78%. This is probably one of the highest share rates or highest CD rates available right now.

If you're not eligible to join Credit Union of Atlanta you can still search our rate list to find the highest CD rates. In addition to listing the highest CD rates we also list the best savings account rates here: Best Savings Account Rates and the best mortgage rates today from several different lenders.

Author: James Martin
September 9th, 2011