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Bank CD Rates at Giantbank.com

Bank CD Rates at Giantbank.com

Bank CD rates at Giantbank.com are not the highest CD rates available right now but the online bank's CD rates are competitive. 1 year CD rates are the most competitive with a CD rate of 1.14% and a CD yield of 1.15%. That rate is just above 1 year bank CD rates at Ally Bank which are currently at 1.13% with a yield of 1.14%.

Shorter term CD interest rates at Giantbank are also competitive with other rates available. 3 month CD rates and yields are at 0.45% which is one of the higher CD rates available on a 3 month certificate of deposit.

You can find the best CD rates by using our CD rate list for your state here: Best CD Rates. You can also find the best savings account rates by searching our rate list here: Best Savings Account Rates.

Chances are you haven't heard of Giantbank. The bank is the Internet banking division of Landmark Bank, N.A and FDIC insured bank. By the way, Giantbank's deposits are also insured by the FDIC. Giantbank was founded in 1999 so the bank has been around for a while. You might not heard of Landmark Bank wich is a community bank located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and was established in August of 1998.

Giantbank.com Bank CD Rates

91 day CD Rate 0.45 Yield 0.45
182 day CD Rate 0.95 Yield 0.95
9 month CD Rate 1.00 Yield 1.00
12 month CD Rate 1.14 Yield 1.15
24 month CD Rate 1.20 Yield 1.21
36 month CD Rate 1.50 Yield 1.51
60 month CD Rate 1.85 Yield 1.87

The CD rates listed above are current as of 9/19/11 for personal accounts. The minimum opening deposit for a regular CD account is $2,500 minimum deposit ($1,000 for an IRA, $500 for a Coverdell Education Savings Account). Giantbank also offers business CD accounts that have lower CD rates than personal rates.

Author: James Martin
September 19th, 2011