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Bank CD Rates at California Community Bank, 2 Year CD Rates at 1.55%

Bank CD Rates at California Community Bank, 2 Year CD Rates at 1.55%

Bank CD Rates: California Community Bank is offering some very competitive CD rates available right now in the state of California. Current 2 year CD rates are at 1.55% with CD yields at 1.56%, that is one of the highest CD rates available right now and well above the national average 2 year rate of 0.61%.

California Community Bank is also advertising savings account rates and money market account rates but those rates are not as high as the bank's CD rates. For example, personal savings account rates are at 0.40%, while 1 year CD interest rates are at 1.00%.

Following is a current list of all certificate of deposit rates at California Community Bank.

California Community Bank CD Rates

Term  Interest Rate  Annual Percentage Yield 
7 to 29 Days  0.25%  0.25% 
1 to 2 Months  0.40%  0.40% 
3 to 5 Months  0.50%  0.50% 
6 to 11 Months  0.75%  0.75% 
12 to 17 Months  1.00%  1.00% 
18 to 23 Months  1.25%  1.26% 
24 to 35 Months  1.55%  1.56% 
36 to 47 Months  1.80%  1.81% 
48 to 59 Months  2.01%  2.03% 
60 Months  2.40%  2.43% 

Current jumbo CD rates, account balances of $100,000 or more, earn the same rate and yield as regular certificate of deposit account.

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Author: James Martin
September 14th, 2011