Astoria Bank Lowers 30 Month and 4 Year CD Rates

Astoria Bank, based in Queens, New York, just lowered their 30 month and 4 year CD Rates. The new 30 month CD rate is 0.65 percent with a yield of 0.65 percent. The old 30 month CD rate at Astoria Bank was at 0.75 percent with a yield of 0.75 percent.

The top 30 month CD rate on our rate list is at 1.42 percent. You can see a complete list CD rates from many banks by searching our rate list at CD Rates.

4 year CD rates at Astoria Bank are now at 0.95 percent with a yield of 0.95 percent. The old 4 year CD rate was at 1.04 percent with a yield of 1.05 percent. The minimum opening deposit for both certificate of deposit is $500.00. Listed below is a complete list of current Astoria Bank CD rates.

Astoria Bank Current CD Rates

CD TermCD Rates Minimum Opening Balance
3 Month0.05%0.05%$500
3 Month - Liquid CD0.05%0.05%$50,004
4 Month0.05%0.05%$500
6 Month0.05%0.05%$500
9 Month0.05%0.05%$500
One Year0.10%0.10%$500
15 Month0.25%0.25%$500
1 1/2 Year0.55%0.55%$500
2 Year0.65%0.65%$500
2 1/2 Year0.65%0.65%$500
3 Year0.65%0.65%$500
3 1/2 Year0.95%0.95%$500
4 Year0.95%0.95%$500
5 Year1.24%1.25%$500
1 1/2 Year Variable IRA0.05%0.05%$100

Author: Brian McKay
March 1st, 2016