Astoria Bank Increases CD Rates

Astoria Bank recently increased some of their CD rates. The CD rate changes were on the bank's intermediate and long-term certificates of deposit. You can see how Astoria Bank CD rates compare to other banks' CD rates by searching our rate list at

Astoria Bank CD Rates

BankProductRate (New / Old)Yield (New / Old)
Astoria Bank2 yr CD0.85 / 0.750.85 / 0.75
Astoria Bank2.5 yr CD0.85 / 0.750.85 / 0.75
Astoria Bank5 yr CD1.34 / 1.241.35 / 1.25
Astoria Bank4 yr CD1.04 / 0.951.05 / 0.95

Author: Brian McKay
April 26th, 2016