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Ally Bank CD Rates and CD Yields

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Ally Bank headquartered in Midvale, Utah, is advertising some very competitive bank CD rates. In fact, Ally Bank's certificate of deposit rates beat most bank CD rates and credit union CD rates currently available right now.

Ally Bank is advertising three different types of certificate of deposit rates. Rates include the bank's High Yield CD rates, No Penalty CD rates and the bank's Raise Your Rate CD rates.

Ally's High Yield certificates of deposit are available in terms of 3 months to 5 years.  No Penalty certificates of deposit are available in a term of 11 months. Raise Your Rate certificates of deposit are available in a term of 24 months.

Ally's current 12 month high yield CD rate is 1.24 percent with a high yield CD yield of 1.25 percent. That rate is one of the best 1 year CD interest rates available right now from any bank or credit union in Midvale or anywhere else.

The current 11 month No Penalty CD rate is 1.14 percent with a CD yield of 1.15 percent. With a No Penalty CD you can make an early withdrawal and Ally will give you the entire principal balance and any interest earned after 6 months.

Ally's current Raise Your Rate 2 year CD rate is 1.48 percent with a CD yield of 1.49 percent. With a Raise Your Rate certificate of deposit if interest rates go higher after you open your account you can call Ally and the bank will raise your rate. You can only raise your interest rate once.

CD Rates and CD Yields Ally Bank

3 months CD 0.60% Yield 0.60%
6 months CD 1.00% Yield 1.00%
9 months CD 0.95% Yield 0.95%
12 months CD 1.24% Yield 1.25%
18 months CD 1.33% Yield 1.34%
3 years CD 1.78% Yield 1.80%
4 years CD 2.03% Yield 2.05%
5 years CD 2.37% Yield 2.40%

CD rates at banks and credit unions change all the time. For a current list of Ally Bank's CD rates and CD yields go to ally.com.

Author: Monica Harris
March 21st, 2011